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Letter from Pia Arrobio: I am Sophia Loren Slash Love Drunk Part 1

Letter From Pia Arrobio: Part 1

Hi. I'm Pia, and I'm the Creative Director of LPA. Sometimes people ask me what my "process" is, but I kind of don't have one - every season is different and I'm new to this. Obviously clothes for spring are the best, so I try to think how I want to feel. I know to put something on that makes me walk a little differently, a dress that makes me move my butt a little more or a top that makes me stand a little taller.

Last year when I was designing the collection, I fell madly in love with an Italian boy and was swept into a k-hole of Italian stereotypes in the best way possible. I was now living in a romance novel. He made me pasta (THE BEST PASTA) while singing Italian songs (shirtless). We slow danced in the street, he got me hooked on espresso, called me "amore" (exclusively), told me how beautiful and big my eyes were, how I had the softest hair, the best lips, blah blah blah.

Obviously, I was 1) FEELING myself and 2) had finally met someone who could fulfill my life-long dream of moving to Italy, making olive oil and babies. The thought of living in America seemed impossible, as I was now Sophia Loren.

Therefore, the collection became my dream wardrobe for my first spring, in LOVE in ITALY. My love letter to Puglia! A collection that would truly make every woman feel like the most beautiful girl in the world! The first step was narrowing down the thousands of inspo photos I've collected over the years and making a collage slash mood board of my new life (slash just doing my job and designing some dresses).

Letter From Pia Arrobio: Part 1 Letter From Pia Arrobio: Part 1
Letter From Pia Arrobio: Part 1 Letter From Pia Arrobio: Part 1
Letter From Pia Arrobio: Part 1


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